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About A&C Gold and Diamonds

Gold Buyers, Jewelry Collectors & Coin Specialists in the Savannah & Hilton Head Areas

A&C Gold and Diamonds is a buyer and seller of fine items and collectables with locations in Bluffton, SC and Savannah, GA owned and operated by Craig Burgess. Craig deals primarily with precious metals and gems, such as diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, estate jewelry, heirlooms, coins, rare currency and more. Craig offers the best prices on all of these items, whether you're buying, selling or simply shopping your choices.

With over 70 years of combined experience, Craig offers a depth of knowledge and an expansive network of industry contacts and connections that are unsurpassed in the Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC regions. When you choose Craig Burgess, you choose to work directly with the area's foremost expert — as well his global network of buyers and sellers.

Craig Burgess, A&C Gold and Diamonds Owner

Craig Burgess

Craig Burgess has been in the jewelry business professionally for over 30 years and active in the coin hobby since 1965.

His career as a jeweler began in 1979, when Craig co-founded A&C Jewelry and Design, an independent jewelry store based in Savannah. Within just a few years, Craig had built the business into one of the largest independently owned jewelry stores in the United States, falling within the top 1% in national sales volume. After just 10 years in business, A&C Jewelry and Design had reached over $2 million annually in sales, and in the process afforded Craig with nationwide renown as one of the foremost voices and forward thinkers in his industry.

By 1992, Craig was a featured jewelry designer on the nation's third largest shopping network, Shop at Home. He continued his run at success throughout the '90s by designing a complete jewelry collection for Zang Toi's NYC Couture Show and later becoming the #1 seller Gabi Tolkowsky-cut diamonds in the world. (Tolkowsky is a sixth-generation diamond cutter, one of the world's most respected and distinguished figures in the trade.)

After a long and lustrous career, in which he handled well over $50 million in diamond transactions, Craig closed A&C Jewelry and Design and retired in 2006 due to health concerns. His love for the industry, however, couldn't be bested and he made his second professional debut in 2012 when he founded A&C Gold and Diamonds.

Craig has been recognized locally by the police department and other civic organizations with various community awards, as well as nationally, having been featured in a number of industry publications and prominent magazines, including Jewelers Circular Keystone, Modern Jeweler and In Style.

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