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The A&C Gold and Diamonds Process

Gold Buyers, Jewelry Collectors & Coin Specialists in the Savannah & Hilton Head Areas

At A&C Gold and Diamonds, we believe that our reputation rests on each and every transaction. When you choose Craig Burgess of A&C Gold and Diamonds, you can rest assured that professionalism and integrity will always prevail, whether you're buying or selling.

So how do you get started and what can you expect? Here's a step-by-step explanation of the process to help you get familiar with us and with what comes next.

Step 1: Do your research and choose the right buyer or seller.

With so many businesses now buying gold, silver and coins, many storefront representatives actually know very little about the materials and this could drastically affect your price. We encourage you to read more about us, make an appointment with Craig and see for yourself why so many of your local neighbors have chosen him. We are local and have your best interests in mind — not the interests of a large corporation several states away.

Craig’s professional experience goes back more than 3 decades in the jewelry and coin industries. Craig knows what he's doing, he knows how to treat clients with respect and he knows the market. His knowledge is your biggest asset!

Step 2: Contact us!

Whether in the Coastal Empire area of Georgia or the Low Country region of South Carolina, making an appointment with Craig by phone or email is the first step to a successful transaction. Your convenience and confidentiality are his foremost concerns and he is forever flexible in order to help you achieve this. He will always gladly meet you in our convenient, private and comfortable offices, at your bank or at another mutually agreed secure location.

In Savannah, we are located at 9 West Derenne Avenue, Savannah, GA 31405. Just after 1st light when 516E turns into Derenne,.

Please call to schedule an appointment.
Savannah: 912-224-3247
Bluffton: 843-836-5566

Step 3: Bring your pieces in for a FREE assessment & evaluation.

A FREE assessment is the norm at A&C Gold and Diamonds. Your biggest asset is Craig's experience. He will carefully examine each of your items to determine current market value. Whether it's diamonds, gold, jewelry, coins or currency, Craig is constantly on top of the latest market trends. He even stays in touch with buyers worldwide so that he knows who is paying top dollar for which materials. Whether identifying an unusual and valuable diamond or recognizing a rare variety of a coin, Craig offers a level of expertise in the industry that allows him to form a unique bond with his clients, which is something we've found to be unique in the industry.

Step 4: Don't clean your items!

Cleaning your items will not increase the value, but in fact will reduce it. This is especially true with coins, the value of which is immediately diminished upon cleaning. Someone recently brought us a coin they had just cleaned. The coin was rare, but the cleaning reduced the value from $12,000 down to $3,500 INSTANTLY. That is one expensive cleaning job!

Collectors want all items to remain as natural as possible and this includes aging. The same is true not only for coins, but for furniture, fine arts and virtually all other collectables.

Step 5: Sell your materials for the best offer — and that's always ours!

At A&C Gold and Diamonds, we are always confident in the accuracy of our offers and this allows you to make an informed and unpressured decision on each piece. Payment is always available "on the spot."

In fact, we are so confident our offers will beat all others that we encourage you to get other quotes, then bring your materials to us for the best quote always. We would rather make a little money on a lifetime's worth of transactions with you than a lot of money on a single transaction — and that means we'll BEAT any quote that's higher than ours.

Consult us... and experience the difference.
Call today to schedule a FREE consultation with Craig!
Savannah: 912.224.3247
Bluffton: 843-836-5566

Craig Burgess, owner and founder of A&C Gold and Diamonds, will answer your questions free of charge. His 70 years combined coin and jewelry experience is at your disposal free of charge! Simply fill out the form below and Craig will respond usually within 24 hours. Or if you prefer, Call Craig at 912 224 3247.

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