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Gold Buyers, Jewelry Collectors & Coin Specialists in the Savannah & Hilton Head Areas

Whether you're looking to buy or sell, Craig Burgess of A&C Gold and Diamonds provides the expertise you need to make the best and most informed decision possible on fine items and collectibles.

With over 70 years of combined valuation experience, Craig's wealth of knowledge spans the spectrum to insure a convenient one stop shop for having your valuables evaluated.

Our services can help you with all of the following materials and items:


Craig is always on the lookout for diamonds! Whether loose or mounted, it matters not. Craig will use his 30 plus years in the diamond industry to evaluate your diamonds and diamond jewelry to extract the maximum value. Craig always pays more for vintage and estate diamonds, especially for diamonds of larger sizes.

Call 912-224-3247 (Savannah) or 843-836-5566 (Bluffton) today to book your FREE diamond valuation! Or click here.

Estate Jewelry

If only estate and period jewelry could talk — oh, the stories it would tell! Even with over 30 years experience directly handling estate jewelry and other heirlooms, we're still amazed at the history and value of these unique pieces. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find anyone in the Savannah GA, Bluffton or Hilton Head SC area better qualified to offer anywhere near what Craig will pay for quality estate jewelry. So why go anywhere else? Our evaluations are FREE!

Call 912-224-3247 (Savannah) or 843-836-5566 (Bluffton) today to book your FREE estate jewelry valuation! Or click here.

Coins & Currency

Craig’s love affair with coins started in 1964! As an avid collector and professional numismatist, Craig can readily identify subtle differences most people miss. Some of these differences have resulted in a huge payday for Craig’s clients verses other offers given by competitors. Craig’s Dad, Clifford Burgess, was an avid coin collector and dealer, as well as a past president of the Georgia Numismatic Association and the multi-state Blue Ridge Numismatic association. Dr. Burgess also published a coin book in 1975 called the Numis-film library. Craig's connections in the coin and paper money industry are decades old, well established and enable him to offer the very most for your coins, paper money and collections.

Call 912-224-3247 (Savannah) or 843-836-5566 (Bluffton) today to book your FREE coin or currency valuation! Or click here.

Gold & Silver

Whether gold and silver bullion, coins, scrap, jewelry or any item made with precious metal, chances are Craig has seen it before and can readily identify it. If not he will use state of the art equipment to determine its value. If you are interested in selling, you always will receive immediate payment.

A&C Gold and Diamonds is always buying and selling gold and silver coins, bars, ingots and scrap jewelry. We offer a daily and even hourly buy/sell spread, which reflects the most current quotes from the national and world metals exchanges in real-time.

Call 912-224-3247 (Savannah) or 843-836-5566 (Bluffton) today for gold and silver pricing information or to book your FREE consultation! Or click here.

Scrap Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewelry

Scrap jewelry and gold or silver items are usually broken, damaged or unwanted goods made of precious metals as the base. The value of these items is in the weight of the metal comprising these pieces and any stones that might be featured. As gold is a very soft metal, gold jewelry is usually mixed with copper, aluminum and/or tin, all of which can be formed into the jewelry to ensure the gold holds its form. The same is generally true for silver and platinum jewelry, with other metals added for strength.

Our acid testing procedure makes it fairly easy to determine the accurate gold content of any piece. We can test your scrap jewelry to ensure you receive the best offer possible based upon current market prices — and this process is always available to you for FREE!

All you have to do is schedule your FREE valuation, so call 912-224-3247 (Savannah) or 843-836-5566 (Bluffton) today! Or click here.

FREE Valuations

Our valuation services are always free for all of your prized possessions. Under normal conditions, we can quickly and accurately assess the items you bring to us for the most value possible. With an international network of top-tier industry professionals at our disposal, we stay informed of the exact people looking for specific items at any given time — and this means that we will always ensure a top-dollar offer and immediate payment.

In many cases, our offers far exceed those of competitors, due to our vast experience and knowledge. But you don’t have to take our word for it — call 912-224-3247 (Savannah) or 843-836-5566 (Bluffton) today to schedule a FREE valuation! Or click here.

Your Privacy with A&C Gold and Diamonds

At A&C Gold and Diamonds, your privacy is critical to you, and that means that your privacy is critical to us.

We keep all records strictly confidential and always secure to ensure your peace of mind. Additionally, we will gladly make arrangements to meet with you at your bank or another secure location, further ensuring your confidentiality. At A & C Gold and Diamonds, we respect your privacy as if it were our own.

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Craig Burgess, owner and founder of A&C Gold and Diamonds, will answer your questions free of charge. His 70 years combined coin and jewelry experience is at your disposal free of charge! Simply fill out the form below and Craig will respond usually within 24 hours. Or if you prefer, Call Craig at 912 224 3247.

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