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Engagement Ring Education

A&C’s owners Craig and Penny Burgess along with all members of A&C’s team will provide valuable guidance relating to your individual needs from start to finish.

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Choosing the Stone

The gemstone is the most eye-catching part of an engagement ring, so it’s important to give this area a little extra thought. Although there are all kinds of stones that can be used in an engagement ring, the perennial favorite and most common is the diamond.

Since 1979 Craig Burgess has studied extensively diamonds and gemstones and will make your selection process an enjoyable experience

There are a few basic things to be aware of when choosing a diamond, such as the “4 Cs.” These include

Cut – Of all the four Cs, the cut of the diamond has the most impact on the brilliance and shine of the stone. When choosing a diamond, it is important to select one that is not too shallow or deep, but is cut in proportion to its size.

Color – The color of the diamond is also very important. When selecting your perfect stone, it is best to try to choose one that has no apparent color to it.

  • Carat – Contrary to popular belief, the carat of a diamond is actually based on its weight, not on its size. The price can go up or down significantly based on how heavy or light the gemstone is.
  • Clarity – External or internal flaws can affect the clarity of the diamond. When selecting the best option, you will want to select a stone that has no noticeable flaws.

    Choosing the Band

    The band of the engagement ring may not seem as important as the stone itself, but it’s a vital component that can be the difference between an average ring and a stunningly beautiful one. When deciding what works best for you and your loved one, it’s important to know the basics:



    There are several different metals to choose from and deciding what is right for you will depend on the look you prefer and the maintenance involved.


  • Platinum – Platinum rings are soft white in color and need a bit of maintenance, because they will wear and scratch over time but can be polished by your jeweler.  Platinum rings have a higher purity precious metal content, so it is a good choice for someone with nickel or base metal sensitivity.
    Gold – Gold ranges in hue, from white gold, which looks a bit like silver, to rose gold, to yellow gold and even green gold. Gold rings have relatively low maintenance, and simply need to be polished with a soft cloth to keep it shiny.

    Sterling Silver – One of the most common choices for an engagement ring, sterling silver can range from a grayish hue to a bright white. However, sterling silver needs quite a bit of maintenance, because it can tarnish over time.


    Why Work With Us?

    When it comes to selecting your engagement ring, trust A&C Jewelry to get it right. Our jewelry experts are passionate about helping you make the best choice possible and are happy to guide you throughout the selection process. If you are interested in buying or selling an engagement ring, give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you.